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Welcome Regulations

1. Just right click to save the designs to your own files

2. May add names but do not remove my copyright or put tag by your name to any designs

3. Drop some love or thank you when snagging the designs as it only takes less then 5 minutes to say thank you

4. I now own a forum for all of my psp graphics plus I start to make CILM tags are now locate at Tinkers Boo PSP Graphics you may join HERE

Thanks for stopping by

Hugs Tinker
written May 6th, 2017
update on March 12th, 2018

Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Good Day

Good Day welcome to my Gallery of Tags.. if you go into an Category an there is an missing tag it because post image crash site went from an .org to .cc or it gone an be eaten alive. I not about to go through this whole blog to update the missing tags because it takes lots of time to do.. so just skip the messing links. What tags I was able to save from flash drive, or post image I will update today an share with you under new post.. All web sets are gone. I create web set designs as title tags for forum/group sites .. I have the blank design that I just going to share the blank design I made with you an if you want an special message on them an your a member of my forum site may join HERE then feel free to go to my Request Offer board HERE with the blank tag, ask for whatever message you like on the design an I be happy to make it for you, then you can save it an it take up less storage space on me..

I also now create tags with CILM artist psp tubes designs these tags are for snagging only you may not add names to them it is not allow if you want an name on them, then join my forum (link above) go to the Request Offer board (link above) an ask for the request names add then collect the tags an you can save them in your storage for yourself or other members. I do offer tag offers request under my forum site as well as a few friends sites too from time to time .. or monthly giving if I have the time due to my real life is busy as my online life is because I am an very active person.

So with that said.. Enjoy the site it is open an all tags that are haywire on the forum also be update, or remove an then replace when we hit the special holiday, season or whatever I decide to create to share with you. Any PTU or FTU tutorials I write in the future will not be share in an blank design except I will share them under my Tag offers for members to request at my forum site which go to Tag Offers HERE to request for them otherwise you must design the PTU or FTU design tag to collect a blank design to share or have.

PTU (pay materials of CILM Psp Tubes, Scrap Kits etc)
FTU (free materials for personal use of my designs and/or other artist designs) 

Rules of Regulations of how to join my Forum you may read at my domain site Tinkers Boo HERE
its on the main page on top under the banner's for you. Also read FAQ HERE that is on the forum site.

Have an good day today I going to download some spring kits an write tutorials, next week I will began to update all snagged tags, games, and/or posers sample designs, snags graphic designs update to replace the crash from post image did..

Hugs Tinker aka Sunny
written April 17th, 2018

Monday, April 16, 2018

Post Image Crash _ Tags Info

Some tags may go red x due to post image crash.. they need up changing servers but out with the old and in with the new some tags I manage to save so if needing to update it happen in May xx Hugs Tinker xx

Also all Web Sets have been remove.. Due to lack of storage.. also I have the blank designs so if I need to edit them I can on the forum site you can join HERE and Rules are on the main domain site HERE